In production. Due early 2020

YAY FINALLY! Thanks to the visionaries at te Mātāwai, MokoTube is now in development.

Mokotube will allow children and whānau to enjoy a self programable, immersive experience of te reo Māori – at the touch of a button.  The app works by puling in all YouTube content and filtering it so that users have as little to do as choose a language setting and favourite categories – much like YouTube for kids.  

The outcomes will be children with outstanding comprehension in te reo Māori and also likely  excellent ability to communicate, and articulate in te reo Māor,i whether or not they have had the benefit of an immersive ECE experience. Certainly for whānau choose kōhanga or bilingual ECE, the app will be an ideal support at home.  The shifting landscape never looked better. 

 Mokotube (ki te Ao) is made for tamariki aged 0-7 and allows them to safely programme their own experience of te reo Māori content currently available on YouTube.  

 Mokotube Mataatua places in a self-customisable mobile app, all Māori language videos on YouTube, along with a social media hangout exclusive to all uri of Mataatua. 

 Our immense gratitude to the selection panels for Te Reo Tukutuku and Te  Mātāuru ki Mataatua funding, for sharing our vision to produce these apps. 

You can read about our progress with development here