OUR purpose

It is our belief that learning should be fun and should promote the development of individual and collective genius. It is our belief that te reo Māori together with the version of NZ history that incorporates the Māori perspective should be accessible to all tamariki. It is our belief that self awareness, self knowledge and strong sense of identity allows our tamariki – and us all – to grow more fully and effectively into our potential as effective contributors within the fields of our interests, within our communities. These beliefs form part of the modus operandi of Hei Tiki Creatives.

So how do we purpose that belief? We make media that educates effortlessly, produce games that teach, write stories that sit in multiple dimensions and make music that elevates the mind. We look for ways to innovate, that we might best serve Māori language learners in any given moment of the changing times. And we aspire to influence feelings of belonging and greatness.  

The resources and media we make are aimed at tamariki from ECE through to college, and their families. We also keep teachers in mind when we produce. We know how heavy their workload is and if we can lighten that load by making tweaks in production, we will. 




Producer, Co-Director

Maraea Davies is a 2003 South Seas Film & Television School graduate with a background in Māori language based TV production and iwi radio broadcasting. Maraea is an experienced producer and editor and handles the management and operational areas of design and production. Maraea’s four children – three of whom are under 11years old, provide much of the inspiration for the media that is produced. 



Writer, Co-Director

RJ was one of the mid 90’s students of the Aotearoa Performing Arts School, and has spent the better part of the last 15 years teaching both kapahaka and ‘music and movement’. From this experience RJ wrote and produced Korikori Mai, an exciting follow-along music series that combines te reo Māori with elements of haka and music and movement. RJ is currently cutting her teeth as a writer for a fictional interactive book series based on the NZ land wars. 



Sales & Marketing Director, Co-Director

Jarrod has amassed almost three decades of experience in radio broadcasting across both iwi and commercial radio and in all disciplines of the craft.  He is the Executive Director of Māori Media Network, a board member for Te Whakaruruhau, and Chairman of the board for Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o te Orini. His experience in business, sales and media is invaluable to Hei Tiki Creatives.




Taoi first came to Hei Tiki Creatives through the ‘2018 Ngati Awa Rangatahi Leaders in Media’ programme, which we facilitated under the direction of Te Runanga o Ngati Awa. At that time we recognised Taoi’s talent with design, and Taoi took up an offer to come back this year as an editor in training where she proceeded to cut her teeth editing a short film for festival. No sweat! Taoi is currently working on our first interactive videos. 




Another amazing rangatahi, whose skill  in building databases and programming is going to allow us to produce the mobile apps MokoTube and MokoTube Mataatua, two apps  that will change the face of programming for tamariki and youth and that are due out early next year. 



Music Producer

Jinan is the musician and producer behind Waiata Mai 2, a 40 song Mā te Reo funded music-with-video series (and another amazing rangatahi). He is able to produce quickly across multiple genres and can create from scratch or spec and produce anything from stripped back vocals to full band sound to jingles and production music.  




Kiri Hayward is the backbone of our song writing team for Waiata Mai. Her experience as a hands on Nani, her decades of experience in teaching, her skill in te reo Māori, her sense of  humour, and her appreciation for fun, makes her invaluable as the lead writer on the Waiata Mai series.



Drone Pilot

Jonno handles our drone work and any special shoot requirements.


There are three things it is fair to say about Hei Tiki Creatives. The first, is that we are a family business. The second is that our core management and vision is provided by women. The third is that education is the family trade and we are happy to be consciously applying our efforts as creators in this field.

Company co-founder RJ and I are sisters and while RJ loves haka and singing and I love making media and music, actually we come from a  family of teachers. Our grandmother Rangi Koopu attended Queen Victoria School in the 1930’s before training to be a teacher. She went on to spend the next five decades in teaching and six of her children including our mother Kiri, also became educators. While we might have sworn off teaching after our exposure as youth to the hard work involved, it seems that the need to educate couldn’t be overcome. And here we are today.

RJ and I grew up with books, board games, singalongs and what on reflection was probably a privileged upbringing amongst our immediate and extended whānau. It is likely the values and lessons of this upbringing claim expression in our work. Certainly we love what we do and produce. 

– Maraea Davies Co-director



Media Production

Maraea Davies

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Music Production

Jinan Dodd

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